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Peshawar High Court Mingora Bench/Dar-ul-Qaza, Swat:

The Mingora Bench (MB) of the Peshawar High Court (PHC), also called Dar-ul-Qaza, a creation of the 2010 Eighteen Constitutional Amendment, Act, it was formally inaugurated on 10 May 2011. The goal, as enunciated in article 37 (d) of the 1973 Constitution, was to provide inexpensive and expeditious justice to the people of Malakand Division. The protection and promotion of fundamental human rights, including the right to access to justice, is part of that goal, which constitutes both perfect and imperfect obligations of the State, as dictated by article 37 (d).

Inauguration of Peshawar High Court Mingora Bench/Dar-ul-Qaza, Swat:

Fulfilling the long-standing demand of the people of Malakand division, Peshawar High Court Chief Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan inaugurated the Dar-ul-Qaza at the PHC's Mingora circuit bench on 10 May 2011.

Chief Justice Peshawar High Court inaugurated the Dar-ul-Qaza on 10 May 2011. Speaking on the occasion, the chief justice emphasized the role of the society in general and that of the bar in particular at all levels for a just, equitable and balanced society to be built under the rule of law, which was the most cherished and cardinal principle enshrined in the Holy Quran. He stressed upon all the stakeholders to do their best to ensure inexpensive and speedy dispensation of justice to the people. Read More...

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